mathjargon: Do you have any plans to draw more of those MBTI characters?

yes i do! once my midterms are over

also i remade my blog so all drawings will be posted here

January  20   ( 9 )

remade, gonna start following people

January  19   ( 4 )

Anonymous: why do you wanna remake?????????????????????????????????

idk i feel like i need to start anew

i need to have a blog that is a safe place for me and right now i just don’t like blogging because of a lot of negativity

i want people to follow me for my personality, my posts, and my art

and i also feel like with the amount of followers i have, it’s hard to feel comfortable blogging i guess?? idk

right now i have 1,542 and it just feels like too much

idk i just kinda want to restart, especially since i’ll be “restarting” when i go to college in the fall so

January  19   ( 2 )

seriously considering remaking…

January  19   ( 1 )


465 by _rei* on Flickr.


Pop Africana - Ajak Deng by Owen Bruce


January  19   ( 2 )

barkandbones: personality- Ann Brandshaw, in Rebel Angels (not the first two books in the series though). Sorry if you don't know the book. She is timid, but truly passionate about her art, and when she's into it, it transforms her & she drops her worries. looks- Chihiro from Spirited Away. Or what Chihiro would look like if she was older than 10.

oh wow thank you! i might have to read rebel angels then!

she sounds really great and i’m flattered to be like her in your eyes!

dang i wish i looked like chihiro, what a total cutie patootie

January  19   ( 2 )

Anonymous: looks: carey mulligan, personality: uhhh, cute

thank you!! wow omg carey mulligan is like my goal appearance tbh this is really sweet

January  19   ( 2 )

Anonymous: personality: britta perry

haha i’m not sure whether this is a compliment or not